Practice this Saturday (4/19), Tentative Sunday (4/20), Austin Race (4/26), Crawfish Boil Documents

Good morning, Delites,

It’s hump day! Only 3 days till you get into another boat and go for a good hard paddle. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Practice this Saturday (4/19) from 8:30-10:30am @ DUC Dock. Weather is looking gorgeous with a high of 77 and low of 61.

2. Tentative practice on Sunday as I realize this is Easter Weekend. We’ll gauge what the attendance is from Saturday’s practice and go from there.

3. Austin Race (4/26)

If you’re arriving on Friday night, be sure to check in at our place @ 302 Covington Drive East, Austin, TX 78753, United States, and is about 10 minutes from our venue. It sits on a third acre lot, and as always, bring sleeping bags if you’re a guy. Females always get the beds.

For registration costs (2 options): staying at the house: $75, not staying at the house: $45. Registration includes race registration at $25 per person + food (lunch at the venue, and 1 dinner at the house)

$45 – w/o Lodging:

$75 – w/ Lodging:

The links are up on our website under “Get Involved”.

4. Crawfish Boil

All right, guys, here’s the big one for the day. To get all the help we need to make the crawfish boil a success, we’re looking for donations and raffle prizes! And best of all, everything is tax deductible! Here are the documents you can pass to any potential donor so they can get a tax credit! Imagine that, helping us and helping themselves!

I’m starting a contest for who the highest fundraiser is, and whoever wins is going to get a really awesome gift (not sharing it till we get closer to the date).

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces this weekend!


Coach Jovin

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Inaugural dragon boat swamping at Joe Pool Lake

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Details for the GP Race this Saturday (7:30am – 4:00pm)

Good evening, Delites,

So here’s what you need to know if you’re racing in Grand Prairie this weekend. If you haven’t paid your registration fee, here’s the link:

Address: 3401 Ragland Road, Grand Prairie, TX
Park opens: 7 am
Be there: 7:30am
Captain’s meeting: 8am (for Bob, Randy, and myself to attend)
Bring: Camping chairs, towels, team uniform (i’ll have extras if you don’t have one), waiver forms (if you haven’t filled one online), and YOUR A-GAME
Racing ends at: 4pm
Award ceremony at: 4:30pm

What we provide: Lunch, team uniform (if you don’t have one), and an awesome time!

I’ve attached the race schedule to this email (first race vs. the coolers and the gavel dragons, let’s get it!!).

There’s also the parking pass attached, and you’ll need it to enter the park if you don’t want to pay the admission fees.

With that said, I can’t wait to see all of you this weekend! Paddle hard, paddle strong, it’ll be a windy day out there, but no worries, I sent the big man a text, and he said he’d bring it down for us.

Quack quack quack!


Coach Jovin

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No Practice Tomorrow (4/6/2014), Grand Prairie

Good evening, Delites,

With the weather forecast at a high of 55 and rain throughout the day, practice will be cancelled! Enjoy your day of rest, but this means one less practice to prepare us for Grand Prairie this Saturday.

If you haven’t paid for Grand Prairie, it’s time to do so now!

Here’s the link:

I’ll be sending out a more comprehensive email tomorrow.

Special thanks to Shirley, Jennifer, Jason, Emeka, Doug, Natalie, Bob for helping out with all the exciting events we had going on today. We’ll send out a special recap of those sometimes this week!

Keep an eye out for my email tomorrow! My blood is already boiling with anticipation! Quack Quak!



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